The First To Say No

Charles C. Anderson
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432791018


Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (3/13)

“The First To Say No” by Charles C. Anderson is about two female doctors from Parkview Hospital who decide to stop the physical abuse of a local gang. “The Plagues,” as they were called, were an ethnically-mixed group of delinquents who went to Parkview pretending to be sick in order to get drugs. Once at the hospital, they would terrorize the staff and patients, while the corrupt police force did nothing and the hospital administration looked the other way, as they believed them to be patients nonetheless.

It was after Dr. Elita slaughtered the seven gang members that raped her, that Elita and her best friend, Dr. Kate, took action as they became Parkview’s female vigilantes. While their plan developed and unfolded, Kate at one point recruited her own mother to help them as well as coworkers and friends.  I found it fascinating how this suspenseful story mingles with some of the characters past as well as the medical field. Anderson creates well-developed characters whose love of helping others goes beyond their duty, turning them into heroes.

I am a fan of medical mysteries and thrillers, but what I found fresh and unique about this story was the fact that regular professional women turn into action heroines for their community. I loved how these women utilized their knowledge and came up with a realistic plan to exterminate “The Plague.”

“The First To Say No” also reflects the current failing of the U.S. Health Industry. I was amazed at how bad the doctors really have it.  Anderson’s writing style was clear, crisp and simple, even when dealing with medical terminology. The plot flowed wonderfully and kept me interested at all times. The details about the Health Industry, and clear descriptions made the story so real, it felt almost like true crime.

I recommend “The First To Say No” by Charles C. Anderson to anyone who loves a fresh, suspenseful read.  It is definitely a page turner. 

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