Cultivating the DNA of Crime

Roy Albert Andrade
K1ller, Inc. (2014)
ISBN 9780578140001
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (2/15)

“Cultivating the DNA of Crime” by Roy Albert Andrade is about Killer, a 13 year old boy-genius who lives with his angry grandparents. One night, two young men that live next door to Killer are shot to death. Law enforcement comes to Killer’s door after the neighborhood watch block captain reports that she has seen him with suspicious characters. Certain that he has answers, especially since he is in a photograph with a group of high profile criminals, Killer is questioned extensively. Deny, deny, deny! While Killer is only 13, he clearly knows his legal rights. He pretends to know nothing even though two serious criminals are hiding out in his tree house!

Although he has to have his money managed until he turns 18, Killer’s career criminal endeavors have made him quite wealthy. After evading further questions from the investigators, Killer takes off to Las Vegas. He is going to an important but rigged boxing match. Along the way, he engages in lively discussions with his colleagues in crime. Killer is having the time of his life!

I really enjoyed reading “Cultivating the DNA of Crime” by Roy Albert Andrade. The plot was fun and the dialogue was engaging. I could easily see this novel being made into a movie or a series. While it was highly entertaining, I wish that there was more to this saga because I felt it only gave me a quick glimpse into Killer’s life. I hope that the author continues to share Killer’s journey because I get the impression he has many more colorful adventures to be written.

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