Family Likeness

Wilson Awasu
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432779153

Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (1/13)

Article first published as Book Review: Family Likeness by Wilson Awasu on Blogcritics.

“Family Likeness” by Wilson Awasu is a book with tremendous biblical content along with stories from today from which to learn and grow. Awasu obviously has great knowledge of the Bible and the beliefs of Christianity from the facts and stories he has shared in this book.

In “Family Likeness,” Awasu offers modern-day Christians an opportunity to look within their selves to see if they are living up to the standards set by Jesus Christ. He cites example after example of Jesus’ life and how he practiced prayer, love and trust among other traits. Awasu puts an original spin on fundamental principles of spirituality by describing “dumb prayers” as being useful and productive, especially when you least expect it. He also shares real life experiences from his personal life and the lives of others regarding “dumb prayers” and the power they have. Awasu also describes God’s love as “outrageous,” going on to say that it’s sufficient, selfless and sacrificial. The adjectives he uses to describe love and prayer are unconventional, but he explains in great detail how these words are applicable.

This book offers many direct quotes of scriptures from the Bible, which makes for a good reference book for anyone interested in studying the principles discussed more deeply. I enjoyed the heart-warming and touching stories sprinkled throughout the book. The author has had many powerful spiritual experiences, particularly with prayer, that he shares.

I recommend “Family Likeness” by Wilson Awasu to anyone looking for biblical references to the principles of prayer, love and trust along with other general spiritual principles. This book is absolutely geared for individuals practicing the Christian faith. The stories the author shares from the modern world coincide with the biblical stories of ancient times, which give guidance to the modern day Christian.

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