Isadora Fokine Beauregard
Beauregard Books (2015)
ISBN 9781939288585
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (02/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Tunnel Vision: A Focused Life’ by Isadora Fokine Beauregard on Blogcritics.

Beauregard writes her brutally honest yet very inspirational memoir, “Tunnel Vision” in hopes to help those who have suffered from domestic violence. Not only is this her story, it is a reflection of how she found strength in herself and found love for herself, even after her abusive husband won sole custody of their children. What do you automatically think when you hear of a woman losing her children to their father? In our world today, most would assume the worst; that the mother is a worthless person who has no love for her children or maybe has some form of addiction problem that keeps her from being a “good mother.”

The author shares her story of domestic violence and its effects on her self-esteem as well as the pain and suffering it caused her to lose her children to their abusive father. What I gather from this memoir is that their father, Oberto, was only interested in others believing he was the ideal custodial parent and with his financial abilities, he was able to deceive the court.

I recently read another book that had similarities however it was on the opposite end…the father was ripped apart from his children after he had done so much to fight for them. I felt that particular memoir was true and honest but was written in a victim’s voice. Beauregard was a victim, yes, but she does not play the pity party role in her memoir. This is something to be admired. As a mother myself, I cannot image the pain and suffering that she and her children went through. To be able to write this book as a survivor and offer hope to others is just priceless.

Beauregard makes it perfectly clear that her method of “Tunnel Vision” for survival and eventually overcoming her situation are nothing new or anything that she came up with, rather, she embraced the knowledge and lives by it. What happened to this woman is sad and she takes her experiences and sought to better herself for her and the children. Beauregard affirms her life, stays true to herself and remains focused on the task at hand. Her son lit a fire in her when he said she was not fighting hard enough. 


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