My Body-His: A Story of Seduction, Sex, and Submission

Blakely Bennett
Fannypress (2012)
ISBN 9781603815239

Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (7/13) 

Blakely Bennett had my attention in “My Body-His” from the very first couple of pages.  I really had a hard time putting it down and could easily have read it in one sitting had I started earlier!  The story was very well written, and extremely sensual.  I experienced a wide range of emotions from one minute to the next.  It was one of those books you think about for several days after you’ve finished reading it.

Jane is a smart and independent career woman.  Her life is very well rounded except for her love life.  She meets Luke at a party and her life takes a new course immediately.  It was a bit creepy the way Luke seemed to know Jane better than she knew herself.  I like the way Bennett developed the character of Jane, defining her, changing her and making her more aware of herself with every sexual encounter with Luke.  I felt like I struggled with Jane on her journey.  The more she surrendered herself to Luke, the more at odds she felt about the relationship.  She was convinced in her mind that this was not a healthy relationship but was powerless over her body to leave.  

I was conflicted with my own feelings about Luke, who was arrogant and selfish from the start.  There were many lessons to be learned, from humiliation and punishment, and those lessons were always followed by rewards.  Luke made all the rules, and Jane was to follow his rules to the letter.  If she did not want to comply she could always say the “safe” word which was a word they agreed upon at the beginning of their relationship.  This “safe” word would immediately end the relationship.  To me that didn’t really seem like an option.   I have to say that by the end of the book I really disliked Luke.  I didn’t feel like he really cared about Jane at all, that he just kept pushing the limits to see how far she would go with him.  If Luke felt anything for Jane other than as a sex object he wouldn’t have felt the need to humiliate her so often but I also don’t think Jane realized she was being humiliated – she was doing whatever Luke said out of her addiction to love.

After reading “My Body-His” by Blakely Bennett, I look forward to reading the remaining books in the trilogy to see what road this dysfunctional couple takes next.

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