A Sharp Bend in the Road

Gerard Bianco
iUniverse (2015)
ISBN: 9781491753613
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (9/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘A Sharp Bend in the Road,’ Short Fiction by Gerard Bianco on Blogcritics.

“A Sharp Bend in the Road” by Gerard Bianco is a collection of unique, stand-alone fictional short stories all created by one author.  I was specifically drawn to this book for the fact that it was not a collection from different authors, but at the same time was afraid that all the stories would be very similar because they all came from the same author. My worries proved unfounded as soon as I started reading! From a story about a young man’s encounter in an elevator, to a gay couple in a jewelry store, to a woman entering a retirement place, just to name a few, Bianco showcases a carnival of amazingand totally different type of stories to readers. His characters are real, yet colorful and unique. The storyline is entertaining with a punch that will linger within the reader. Bianco definitely has a gift in creating genuine dialogue making each story come alive through its characters.

I thoroughly enjoy this collection of short stories and believe this book would be a great gift idea for people who enjoy quick, but unforgettable reads. I have trouble picking a favorite as I found each one to be a well written piece.  Although all the stories are from the same author, none of them felt repetitive, as Bianco’s writing style took the reader into a different character living a very particular moment in their life. Bianco’s voice is hidden within different personalities, and settings, his craft evident on each one. As a writer myself I understand how difficult it is to write good short stories, as delivering a full story in just a few pages is no easy task. To deliver a quality collection of these stories deserves 5 stars for sure!

“A Sharp Bend in the Road” by Gerard Bianco is exactly that: A fine collection of five star short stories written by one author who clearly knows his craft.


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