New York Roommates: Where Do These People Come From?

Howard Boger
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432796815

Reviewed by Leslie Granier for Reader Views (1/13)

“New York Roommates: Where Do These People Come From?” by Howard Boger is a fictional story about Hank and the myriad roommates with whom he has shared his New York apartment. Hank, a photographer, has vowed to never again share his home with another male. However, his experiences with female roommates have ranged from bizarre to downright dangerous. As this story begins, he is actively seeking his latest roommate. After deciding to give Aurora a chance, he regales her with stories about his former tenants, completely unaware of the secret that she possesses. Will this relationship be able to last longer than the others?

There is also a subplot to this story involving politics and foreign affairs. One faction of Congress wants to strike the enemies of the United States before they decide to act first. However, the other members believe it would be unwise to antagonize countries that have done nothing to harm our nation. As they wrangle over this matter, terrorist plots and bombings are occurring in New York but it is uncertain who is behind them and what their agenda may be. As the days progress, deeper ramifications arise regarding the security of the city.

While the plot for this book was fairly interesting, many other aspects left me disappointed. The characters were not particularly well-developed. I could not picture them or relate to them in any way. The dialogue was stiff and filled with clichés. The stories about Hank's ex-roommates were randomly inserted and really did nothing to advance the plot. Instead, I felt the author used them in an attempt to infuse humor into the book. There are also some editing issues. Scene breaks are not clearly delineated and there are numerous punctuation and spelling errors. Lastly, the story ended too abruptly. An epilogue of possible events that occurred after the climax would have been appreciated.

“New York Roommates: Where Do These People Come From?” by Howard Boger would best be categorized as an action/adventure book with elements of science fiction. It is definitely intended for an adult audience. While my above comments may seem harsh, there are some positive aspects of this story including mystery, political infighting, and lively recollections of days past.

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