Somewhere in Heaven on Earth

Joe Bonobo
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN 9781432785086
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (01/15)

“Somewhere in Heaven on Earth” by Joe Bonobo is a different kind of memoir as it does not just takes the reader through the author’s chronological life experiences, it actually takes the reader through the author’s mind and soul as he recounts the effects his experiences had on him and how he views life, religion, and truth. His story begins with the author’s recount of his church as he was growing up. He and his family attended a National Presbyterian church in Washington DC, where he had nothing in common with the flock as most were rich and influential people. Joe grew up within a reality different than his, and a love deprived family which set the foundation for his search of a place where he would belong, be loved, and find acceptance and truth. His story will take the readers on this search through his teen years, rejection, demons within, and soul searching in America and abroad all to find his truth.

Bonobo’s voice is very distinct in his narration, which makes this book entertaining. His candidness and world perception, as well as few of his life events, will intrigue the reader enough to keep turning pages. The flow of the story is good, however it could use a professional editor, as I found myself brought out of the story due to editing issues a few times, which made the flow suffer. I also am a little torn by the amount of cursing. I am usually okay with cursing but since this book is mostly narration it bugged me a little, as I didn’t see it necessary to convey the voice of the author, and they were not used for dialogue and character development.

In all, I found “Somewhere in Heaven on Earth” by Joe Bonobo to be an insight on the author’s truth, and as such will make a good read to those of us who love to pick others brains and hearts for their life’s point of view. I also found it entertaining, while revealing and thought provoking.   A book for truth seekers!

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