Beanalicious Living: A Healthy Eating Guide & Cookbook

Elizabeth Borelli
Self Health Café (2013)
ISBN 9781939288196
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/13)


Okay, I will admit it! The door inside my refrigerator is full of bags of beans that I have been meaning to try…someday. Bought in small bulk quantities, they are arranged alphabetically. Why that is important, I don’t know. They don’t do me any good just sitting there! I eat tons of beans. Living right above Mexico, they are readily available in a variety of forms including, whole, refried with lard or without, and of course in the basic burrito form. I love beans. When I do cook with them, I tend to find myself getting the ones that are canned. I have to drive over 100 miles to get the ones that are in BPA free cans.  In “Beanalicious Living: A Healthy Eating Guide & Cookbook” by Elizabeth Borelli, when the author mentions “thinking outside the box,” I know that she is referring to eating whole, delicious unprocessed food, not the stuff that comes in a box. This makes a great deal of sense to me, but I have found the idea of cooking with beans intimidating.

“Beanalicious Living,” definitely has helped me with overcoming the intimidation. I smile as I write this because who would ever be intimidated by something as simple as a bean? Yet, when not cooked correctly, you can really create a miserable meal! Before I even got to the part about how to cook them, the author updated my education on the importance of having them in my diet. One of the biggest pluses to eating beans is that they are an incredibly inexpensive way to ingest protein.  Having protein without having to have dead animals ground up in them greatly appeals to me.  She discusses a multitude of reasons about why they are a healthy staple that should be included in every diet.  There is a helpful list about the variety of beans that are available and their common uses. This is a huge help to me.  Also included is information on easy preparation and a cooking chart that lists times and water amounts needed for various beans. This is super helpful to me because this is where I tend to give up and go canned.

The recipes in “Beanalicious Living: A Healthy Eating Guide & Cookbook” by Elizabeth Borelli look delicious and range from soups, to salads, to vegetable dishes. I feel inspired to try almost all of them! In the back of the book is an extensive list of resources so that the reader can continue to gather more helpful information. It is definitely time for me to think outside of the box. Tomorrow I am committing to boxing up my canned goods and getting started on cooking the wholesome old fashioned way! 

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