if there's a mailbox in heaven

Celeste N. Bowers
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432783631
Reviewed by Sheri Hoyte for Reader Views (03/15)

“If There’s a Mailbox in Heaven” by Celeste N. Bowers is a beautiful tribute to her daughter, Christina Bowers, who faced cancer with grace, dignity and steadfast faith.  In it contains beautiful letters from people that knew Christina and loved her, recaptured memories from those whose lives she touched, and notes and poems from mom.   Numerous awards in Christina’s name have been created by the people she inspired, and amazing stories of this little girl’s life fill these wonderful pages.

This book is a masterpiece of love.  Ms. Bowers did an amazing job, and this is not a story I will ever forget. Christina’s journey, and that of her family is so moving, my eyes were full of tears throughout most of the book, but I honestly found the tears to be caused by the depth of love that was so apparent on every single page.  Christina never wavered in her love for the lord, she never felt sorry for herself.  How does one do that?  Where does a mother and a father find the strength needed to endure such a tragedy?  The answer lies clearly with Christina’s attitude and her firm devotion to Jesus.  I am in total awe of this little girl and her family, yet I somehow instinctively know that Christina would be the first one to give God all the credit.

“If There’s a Mailbox in Heaven” by Celeste N. Bowers is an incredible gift to Christina, everyone that has ever been on this journey, and anyone needing guidance as they go through their own experiences in life.  This is a genuinely heartfelt inspirational message about a truly blessed girl.

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