Warfare: The Things They Never Tell You About

Maria M. Bowe
AuthorHouse (2014)
ISBN 9781496913869
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (06/14) 

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Warfare’ by Maria M. Bowe on Blogcritics.

Maria M. Bowe tells her personal story of healing and deliverance in Part 1 of a series entitled “Warfare: The Things They Never Tell You About.” Her testimony illustrates the importance of moving beyond religion into a relationship with God through Jesus and His Spirit’s indwelling.

Bowe exposes the dangers of allowing an “open door of entry” to Satan’s subtle attack through spiritual carelessness and neglect. Her story also gave me a new awareness and understanding into the various stages of spiritual combat and the importance of repentance and a commitment to holy living. She clarifies the experience of highs and lows of the Christian life as the result of double-mindedness. Bowe has remarkable insight into often overlooked teaching on spiritual warfare. She uses Biblical truths, scriptural promises and exhortations, with illustrations from her life and real experiences to reinforce her position. To understand and appreciate the full scope of Bowe’s view it is helpful if the reader has a basic awareness of the basic teaching on spiritual warfare, the gift of prophecy, prophetic dreams and visions. 

Literary critics and theological experts may quibble about the repetition of idioms or the divergence from accepted dogmas prevalent today; however, I suggest that the reader enjoy the story, take the challenge, and allow the spirit of the book, and the offer of transformation to override these criticisms.

A natural story teller, gifted communicator and her genuine enthusiasm draw the reader into the story. Bowe is candid, unpretentious, and open allowing the reader to empathize, identify with, and relate to her writing. Profound probing questions stimulate reflection, self-examination, and personal application. The model prayer for deliverance and the provision for meditation notes for each chapter are helpful tools for future reflection and application as well.

Maria M. Bowe’s book “Warfare: the Things They Never Tell You About” is a guidebook for the Christian; a strategy for victory in spiritual battle, a manual for deliverance and transformation, and an exposition on prophetic dreams and visions is compacted into a compelling powerful plan for Christ like living.  I highly recommend this book.

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