The Chorus Effect

Russell Boyd
Outskirts Press (2015)
ISBN 9781478750321
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (09/15)

“The Chorus Effect” by Russell Boyd is about Chintz, a normal guy taking care of his normal cat.  Chintz is used to going to work and taking care of his cat. Essentially he just likes to mind his own business. The last thing he expects is for a parallel universe to open up where his house sits. From the outside, it still looks like his home, however, from the inside things are very different. While Chintz is exploring his new domain, he meets people from parallel dimensions. Most of these people bear similar resemblances to those in other dimensions, even if occasionally, one is male and the other is female.  Chintz also develops a complicated relationship with a computer program that seems very real. While trying to handle all of this, he is also trying to keep his cat safe and figure out how to handle what appears to be a baby in his own home, which came with the new dimension. This baby is a bit amorous and finds that it likes to hump pretty much everything. It also has the ability to teleport.

Nothing is simple in Chintz’s world. He has the military trying to figure why his home disappeared into another dimension. He has relationship issues with both some of his old neighbors and some of the new people. In spite of all this, Chintz feels drawn to a parallel universe. Realizing that he feels more at home somewhere else makes him work harder to figure out the secrets that will let him go to a place where he feels at home. But again, nothing is easy.

I really enjoyed the author’s unique style of writing. In spite of the humorous, laugh out loud events, there was also more depth involved with the science fiction aspects of the story. I found the combination of humor and science fiction extremely entertaining. While the story is unique, the author still brings back memories of some of the style of Douglas Adams. I found it refreshing to be able to read another great book that has both humor and creative ideas. Boyd’s story is a bit more complicated and in addition to laughing, I also had to stop and put certain ideas into perspective, such as why transporting between parallel universes might be dangerous.

Fans of science fiction are going to love reading “The Chorus Effect” by Russell Boyd.

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