Mending the Net – A Guide to Healing Self & Family

Katherine Boyer, M. A.
Blue Jay Press (2014)
ISBN 9780991300020
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (05/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Mending the Net’ by Katherine Boyer, M. A. on Blogcritics.

Katherine Boyer includes an amalgamation of standard therapeutic techniques in her book “Mending the Net: A Guide to Healing Self & Family.”  The book is divided into of four sections. In sections one and two Boyer introduces concepts and ideas that may be new or different to the reader. Her desire is to affect the readers thinking and to stimulate a deeper understanding of the power of family systems; to broaden and expand their perception of healing, and reshaping the framework of family patterns, thus enabling them to outline and articulate their deepest feelings and personal convictions.

Boyer shares personal goals and experiences that became the defining components of what she and her husband held important in becoming a healthy family. Core elements of her definition of a family include: valuing family, communication, adaptability, spirituality, and time spent individually as well as within the family unit. 

Section three is made up of therapeutic writing exercises designed to be used as an “experiential tool” to identify, elicit, expel, and eliminate “strong stored emotions,” dysfunctional experiences and memories related to negative events in the past. These exercises include letter writing examples and suggestions for journaling.

Section four introduces further thoughts on healing, including topics of shifting from negative to positive polarity, a look at your higher self, your ancestors, and the importance of forgiveness. I found the material on “Re-Dreaming Our Childhood” and the accompanying exercises beneficial and challenging. 

Boyer’s early studies include the writings of humanist psychotherapist Carl Rogers, Native American studies, and shamanic spiritual practices. A review of the listing of suggested reference books reveals the broad base of these influences. Her writing is articulate, informative, motivational, and inspiring. Her insights offer valuable practical guidelines for creating loving, happy, healthy families.

Professionals, lay counselors and individuals desiring to transform their life will find “Mending the Net” by Katherine Boyer an important guide to healing for self and family. I suggest you add this to your summer reading list…complete the writing exercises and keep the book in your library as a ready resource guide.

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