Rain Fund: A Thriller

Marc Brem
Fons Sapientiae (2012)
ISBN 9780956990792

Reviewed by William Hartgrove for Reader Views (8/13)

This is a hard book review to write. “Rain Fund” by Marc Brem is a good book and was a pleasure to read. Marc Brem creates characters and events that work together to create a story that is compelling. What I found odd was that personally I wasn’t drawn in by any one single aspect of the story and I really didn’t like the main character. Well, at least at first I didn’t.

The main character for the “Rain Fund,” Olivier Van Dijk is not very compelling. At times he is just another spoiled rich person participating in conspicuous spending and living an extreme lifestyle - one that most of us envy but can’t relate to. The fact that he is in trouble because he basically ignored his business didn’t really give me a reason to like him. He didn’t seem very compelling. And maybe that’s why I like the story and eventually Olivier. Marc Brem redeems him. Slowly and subtly, but eventually I found myself liking him and rooting for his success.

“Slowly and subtly …” Don’t worry, I mean that only in the sense of Van Dijk’s redemption as a character. It happens over time and throughout the book. However, the book is fairly fast paced and kept me entertained. The financial and technical information used to drive the action in the book is provided in such a way that it only helps the reader and does not detract from anything. Brem develops several plot lines that are all creating problems for the heroes. They all flow separately and each is presented in a believable fashion. There are several twists to the story that keep the book interesting and from becoming a predictable thriller.

The characters are developed just enough to help the story but not much more that needed to push the story along. While Olivier must earn our respect and sympathy, members of his support team and other characters grab it instantly. The villains are proper villains and some of the good guys have questionable backgrounds. Just the kind of good guys I like. “Rain Fund” is a good book that holds readers interests and keeps you wanting more. I look forward to reading more works by Marc Brem.

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