The Missing Pages of the Parent Handbook

Christina Brockett
Stella Maris Press (2013)
ISBN: 9780988937918
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (9/13)

“The Missing Pages of the Parent Handbook” by Christina Brockett is a wonderful compilation of stories about parents from all walks of life. Their personal stories of challenges, defeat and triumph are inspiring and heartfelt. 

Although I am not a parent myself, I recognize how parents in every stage of parenting could relate to the stories in this book. The diverse stories that are shared include parents with newborn struggles from lack of sleep and extreme fatigue, to teenage drama and late night worries, and everything in between. I think many parents will be able to read these stories and actually use the examples of problem solving in their own situations. Many of the stories have creative ideas that may be extremely helpful for others in similar situations. The author does a great job sharing the raw and not always “perfect” emotions the parents experience as they work their way through the messy journey of parenting. This is probably the most beneficial perk of reading this book. Instead of trying to live up to a false perfection of parenthood, parents get to see that everyone has struggles and feelings that are not always proper. 

I was in awe at the strength of the parents in these stories. In one story, there are parents who have a young adult son struggling with drug addiction, and the heartbreak it brings to everyone involved was very evident. Their lesson was to learn to detach and I can only imagine how difficult that would be for a parent. Other stories were more light-hearted, with parents sharing experiences that show the humor that is needed with parenting. 

I really enjoyed “The Missing Pages of the Parent Handbook” by Christina Brockett.  I highly recommend it for all parents, and even those of us who aren’t parents. I learned so much about parenting and have a new appreciation for the dedication, hard work and guess work that a parent goes through while raising a child. 

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