A Nation Under Judgment: One Nation Apart from God 

Richard Capriola 
Mill City Press, Inc.  (2014) 
ISBN: 9781626527676
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (01/14) 

Article first published as Book Review: ‘A Nation Under Judgment: One Nation Apart from God’ by Richard Capriola on Blogcritics.

“A Nation Under Judgment: One Nation Apart from God” was birthed as a result of Richard Capriola’s spiritual journey, influenced by the compassion and teaching of his mentors during his training in Clinical Pastoral Education, his experience as a hospital trauma chaplain, and a career as a crisis chaplain and mental health counselor.

Capriola challenges the Church, the individual Christian, the American citizen, and those entrusted with the power of Government to heed the warning signs of Scripture that impact history and lead to the fall of empires and nations. Capriola draws attention to the reality of how, in a nation of abundance, there are multitudes in poverty, hunger, and near starvation at a time when landfills are being filled with “waste.” 

A whole chapter is devoted to the growing problem of homelessness in our country. Capriola describes the typical homeless individual as: veterans, minority ethnic groups, disabled, the insolvent, and children. He describes hate crimes against the victims of the homeless and the trend toward creating laws that make panhandling, loitering, and “camping” in public places illegal. Other chapters detail matters of: abortion, child abuse, addictions, immorality, and environmental pollution, and gun control. Each chapter includes a look at the problem, God’s viewpoint, the government’s viewpoint, current trends, and suggested possible alternatives. 

Capriola’s writing style is direct, fact filled, and well organized, although sometimes repetitive. His thorough research and scrupulous documentation add value for use by concerned Americans, non-profit advocate groups, religious organizations, and responsible individuals to raise the level of public awareness of the gap between social needs and the direction our government is taking to address these issues, and to impact their sphere of influence to assume personal responsibility and active community involvement. 

“A Nation Under Judgment: One Nation Apart from God” is a clarion call to the dangers of national pride, indifference, exploitation, current trends, and of the danger of a nation moving away from God’s point of view.

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