Moving with the Seasons: Portrait of a Mongolian Family

Liza F. Carter
Saltwind Press (2013)
ISBN: 9780989018708
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (12/13)


I have never seen, let alone read, a more beautiful book than “Moving with the Seasons”. Ms Carter’s wonderful photographs and her captivating prose will capture your heart and mind. The pictures look like they are straight out of National Geographic. With such vivid photography that the reader can almost feel the breeze over the beautiful fields and smell the aroma of the wild flowers.

“Moving with the Seasons” is a very heartfelt story that Liza Carter sheds light on for people who may never get to experience the vast beauty of an amazing land such as Mongolia. This book is about the people themselves, not a travel log of the experiences of a tourist. It takes you through the four seasons with a nomad family, reporting on the trials and tribulations that they face daily. “Moving with the Seasons” takes the reader with this family through everyday chores to special occasions, even unfortunate incidents like going to the hospital and the tragedy of death.

I cannot say enough about this fantastic book. The beautiful pictures, the well written and researched story of such courageous people as this Mongolian family, make this definitely a recommended read. I gave it an absolute A on my tightly rigid scale. “Moving with the Seasons” will appeal to general audiences and especially to the younger readers because it is packed with a plethora of pretty pictures besides the great story line.

This book is nothing short of amazing and was a joy to read. I highly recommend it to one and all this holiday season. It would make a wonderful gift for someone that likes to travel or enjoys reading about exotic and far-away places.


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