Risen: The Battle for Darracia

Michael Phillip Cash
CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN 9781499242676
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (02/15)

“Risen” is third book in The Battle for Darracia series by Michael Phillip Cash. This adventure begins with the key players of the ruling class on the planet Darracia separated from each other. The invaders are in the process of destroying both the people and the resources of the planet. It is dying. Reminda is held in captivity on the moon of Bina. Hiding her identity, she is forced into slavery to help collect an addictive herb. Other people of her kind are also being brought here in large numbers to replace the ones that don’t survive. This deadly place is killing them.

Thought to be drowned at the bottom of the Hixom Sea, V’sair has survived and is rescued by an unknown race of people. In order to have survived the ocean, he has evolved into something unexpected. He is able to connect with higher powers who appear to have been forgotten by his people.  His half-brother Zayden feels worthless because he lost his eyesight. He needs to go within to connect with other senses that are also assisted by the higher powers. Tulani is held captive with the hopes that her grandmother will come looking for her and be caught.  Each of these people have to overcome tremendous obstacles, many of which were caused by betrayal and prejudice. Once they can move on from their challenges, they will be able to reunite in battle. As with the three Elements, all of the races that represent them must work together as equals so that they can defeat their enemy and save their dying planet.

“Risen” by Michael Phillip Cash is an incredibly well written saga. The scenes are described in such vivid detail, I felt like I was watching a movie. The colorful descriptions of the characters and the planet reminded me of the movie “Avatar.”  The novel does stand well on its own and can be read without the rest of the series. However, I think it would have been easier if I had read the first two books in the series so that I would have been able to connect with the characters immediately. I also suggest reading the series in order, because if you start with “Risen,” you will want to go back and read the rest!

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