The After House

Michael Phillip Cash
CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN 9781500600365
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (2/15)


Being a big fan of the author, I could hardly wait to read “The After House” by Michael Phillip Cash. The story begins when Remy decides to leave her husband Scott, with their daughter Olivia, after an argument with him gets physical. That was the last straw that helped Remy realize that her marriage had been over for some time, and it was time to let go. She stayed with her supportive parents, who never liked her husband, until she found a cute historic cottage located in an artist community within Cold Spring Harbor, Long Island. The cottage belonged previously to Captain Eli Gaspar, a whaler who died in the sea but whose spirit refused to leave the home. Captain Gaspar was not happy when a yoga teacher moved in with her noisy little girl, but when they began turning his place, or ship as he called it, into a girly home he had enough. If you are familiar with the author’s passion for Long Island’s historic haunted homes, you can imagine where the story line is going. However, there is a lot more than your standard haunting story in this book.

Cash has definitely mastered the light paranormal storyline genre by keeping it witty, and sometimes even cute, but scary enough to keep the reader turning pages. The elements of romance intertwined with the plot, and colorful places and characters makes him one of my favorite’s authors of the genre. The character development was impeccable as usual. I loved Olivia, and being the mother of two girls certainly could relate and even reminisce on the years when they were Olivia’s age. The descriptions took me to the setting of this lovely community as I was easily able to picture everything in my mind. I must mention though that I did find a little repetition on the narration which I think could have been corrected with the right editor or manuscript critic, but that did not stop me from really enjoying this this wonderful read.

Overall, “The After House” by Michael Phillip Cash is a fun, entertaining, and even cute haunting story which will captivate the reader from beginning to end. I definitely recommend it to all paranormal fans and readers who love a good story!

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