Witches Protection Program

Michael Phillip Cash
CreateSpace (2015)
ISBN 9781511411349
Reviewed by Kristine Hall for Reader Views (07/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Witches Protection Program’ by Michael Phillip Cash on Blogcritics.

In “Witches Protection Program” by Michael Phillip Cash, we meet Agent Wes Rockville who, after a failed assignment that resulted in an escaped prisoner, is given nothing more than a name and an address to report to for his reassignment. He soon meets his new partner Alastair Verne, who introduces Wes to his new position: Witch Protector in the long secret Witches Protection Program. Wes quickly goes from denial to belief as he's drawn into the world of witches with Morgan, whom he has to protect, and Bernadette, who has turned from good witch to bad, and has an evil scheme that could have worldwide consequences. Alastair and Wes team up with the eccentric witch Junie to try and stop witch Bernadette and her plan, but is their power enough to succeed against pure evil?

"Witches Protection Program" takes the premise that witches exist in our society, but the public isn't aware of them. The Davinas are the witches who do good in the world and report on the evil doings of the bad witches, the Willas.  As agents of the WPP, Wes's and Alastair's job is to protect the Davinas and investigate the Willas, all while keeping the general citizens ignorant of witches and magic in their midst. Though the secrecy has been maintained for hundreds of years, the Willas boldly use witchcraft in public, flying on brooms and conjuring spells, with scores of witnesses reporting it on social media and the news.  Readers are never really shown the aftermath of this big witch reveal, which left the story a little unfinished in that respect. 

With witchcraft being an anchor of the plot, if there's a witch around, spells (which in this book all rhyme and are a bit cheesy -- think of Samantha's spells in Bewitched episodes) can be used to resolve any situation and overcome any hurdle. At times, the device is used a little too conveniently, but for the most part, it works fine. There is a budding romance, but it is secondary to the main plot line, and there are definitely hints that would allow for more stories to come with this cast of characters.

The book does need another pass with editing to tighten the story and correct the typos, misspelled words, and dropped words that corrected, would take the book up a notch. Author Michael Phillip Cash uses humor, suspense, and action packed scenes to keep readers engaged and turning the pages, and I recommend "Witches Protection Program" for a clean, quick, and light fantasy read.


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