my affair with mickey

Tami Casias
OOMM Books (2014)
ISBN 9780982973523
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (1/15)

It’s easy to connect with the main character, Mini, who struggles to find herself after learning of her husband’s affair, and winning the grand prize to Disneyland at almost the same moment. This book does a good job of showing the complexity of life’s events. Mini experiences a devastating blow at the same time she wins the prize of a lifetime. The story is about her three day experience at Disneyland, and the emotional ups and downs that weigh her down, and lift her up. Her inner battle revolves around what to do with her future as she is determined to enjoy the moment. Mini treats her time at Disneyland as invaluable while she explores new rides, eats her way through the park, and makes new friends.  

The other characters in the book provide Mini with the connections and friendships she had missed out on most of her life. As her husband had complete control of her life, she didn’t know how to think for herself, and make her own decisions. She was forced to make decisions and take an honest look at her life. 

I thoroughly enjoyed “My Affair with Mickey” by Tami Casias, and the light-hearted environment of Disneyland used to solve heavy adult problems. I found myself thinking of this story when I wasn’t reading it, wanting to know what was going to happen next. While this is a light and easy read, there are also many lessons to learn from Mini’s life experiences. It’s a refreshing story of renewal and self-worth. I highly recommend this book to anyone wanting a great story with some life lessons built in. I now have a renewed desire to get back to Disneyland as a middle-aged woman.

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