Forever Exposed: The Nikki Catsouras Story

Lesli Catsouras
Dog Ear Publishing (2012)
ISBN 9781457514401

Reviewed by Kaitlyn Kashman for Reader Views (1/13)

As an author, Lesli Catsouras immediately pulls readers into a story that is so tragic and moving. “Forever Exposed: The Nikki Catsouras Story” is not just a memoir about Nikki’s life but about her death and the pain her family endured after it. Her mother Lesli shows readers how much the media really plays a part in our everyday life and that it’s almost impossible to escape. This story doesn’t just leave the reader on the edge of their seat wanting to read more, it leaves readers with a story that they will share and will not forget.

“Forever Exposed: The Nikki Catsouras Story” is written in what seems to be journal entries from both Lesli and Christos Catsouras. Readers get to feel what both parents felt during the death of their beloved daughter. The main storyline is how Nikki`s death was exposed on the internet and the news and the judgment that this young innocent girl received from strangers. The book was very well written, although I feel it is almost hypocritical in the sense that it is now allowing all of its readers to open up the past that the mother didn’t want anyone to remember.

Readers will read this book and have one or two different opinions of it. One may be that publishing the book about Nikki`s death, and what the family had to go through, was a good thing because it allows readers to see what the media can really do to a family that no one ever knew.  The other may be that publishing a book about how their daughter’s life and death were exposed now opens up many other doors that readers can now explore.

Within the first few pages, the author automatically gets the reader intrigued about the story and soon following intrigues the reader about what was actually posted on the internet. This opens up what the author is initially not wanting. The author writes about how their daughter’s death is remembered in a bad way, but by writing this book, it is allowing readers to go search and view pictures and stories about this young innocent girl.

I recommend “Forever Exposed: The Nikki Catsouras Story” by Lesli Catsouras to any young adults and adults. It is truly a compelling story no matter what way the reader views it, and as readers we can see what media can do to a reputation or a memory.

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