200 Best Ice Pop Recipes

Andrew Chase
Robert Rose, Inc. (2013)
ISBN 9780778804413
Reviewed by April Sullivan for Reader Views (7/14)

Andrew Chase's “200 Best Ice Pop Recipes” is a great addition to the kitchen of any home cook. Popsicles! Everyone loves them and they are a simple and fun dessert that is often easily overlooked. Sure, you can buy them at the store by the dozen, but why not make them at home? They are the perfect make-ahead treat that can be waiting for you in the freezer as a refreshing snack, a family dessert after dinner, or a party pleasing alternative to cake and ice cream. 

Andrew Chase is a critically acclaimed chef and food writer with a focus on international cooking, particularly Chinese and Asian cultures. In the introduction Chase recalls his childhood love of ice pops. From this you realize that the book will be filled with recipes created with love. Plus he ties in his expertise by featuring chapters on East and Southeast Asian Flavors and Indian-Style Ice Pops. 

The All About Ice Pops section gives you tips and hints for really making great ice pops. Anyone can freeze juice, right? But there is more to these frozen treats on a stick than meets the eye and Chase has researched and tested many varieties and techniques to come up with this collection. From tips on sweeteners and freezing techniques to basic tools and best ingredients, this short six page introduction is an easy read full of important information.

Finally, there are the recipes. This is a wonderful and diverse collection from your basic fruit pops to fudge pops for the chocoholics. The international varieties include traditional flavors from Latin America, India, and Asia. There is even a section with less-drip varieties for kids and another with alcohol filled pops for the adults. There is something for everyone in this book!

From cover to cover “200 Best Ice Pop Recipes” by Andrew Chase is luscious! The photos are bright and colorful with mouthwatering images of so many ice pop flavors. I tried the Grape Lemonade Ice Pops and the Chocolate Pudding Ice Pops. Both were delicious and I can't wait to make more from this collection.


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