Walking the Camino Sagrado

Michael Chavez
Regal Crest Enterprises (2014)
ISBN 9781619291355
Reviewed by Sheri Bebee for Reader Views (09/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Walking the Camino Sagrado’ by Michael Chavez on Blogcritics.

In “Walking the Camino Sagrado” by Michael Chavez, we follow the parallel stories of two men, Esteban Barros and Patrick Lujan, on their journeys to discover their purpose in life.  Esteban is a college student, Patrick a web designer.  Their stories come together when Esteban and Patrick meet and form at first, a cautious friendship that slowly develops into the most sacred type of relationship – one based on complete trust, unconditional love and commitment.   As the two men walk their Camino Sagrado, or sacred path, their relationship is constantly tested through a series of tribulations stemming from their families’ prejudices, religious beliefs, major health concerns, and the exposure of horrific events from the past.  Do they have the mental, physical and spiritual strength to stand true to their beliefs and one another?

I absolutely loved this book!  Actually, that statement doesn’t even do justice to the emotions stirred up inside me as I read this skillfully crafted tale.  Chavez is a master story-teller.  He hooks you right from the prologue, gracefully and yet very dramatically, and takes you on a mind-blowing ride right up through the very last page. The plot is extraordinary and quite haunting at times, and I was fascinated by the way the stories and the characters come together, entwining the lives of Esteban and Patrick long before they ever meet.  

It is obvious to me that each character was developed with great care and reflection.  There is quite a cast of characters in this novel, normally daunting to me in a story, but Chavez does it right- he cultivates each character with the precise amount of depth as they relate to the plot and there was not one single character that I lacked intense feelings for, be those feelings of love or extreme distaste!  

Overall, I give “Walking the Camino Sagrado” by Michael Chavez an overwhelming rating of 5 stars.  Honestly, this is the best book I’ve read in quite some time and I read a considerable amount of books.  This is the third book from Chavez and I can’t wait to go back and read the first two!  Well done!