Letters to Dr. Du Bimo

Sheila Clapkin
Clapkin (2013)
ISBN 9780989766302
Reviewed by Sheri Bebee for Reader Views (11/13)


“Letters to Dr. Du Bimo” by Sheila Clapkin is a quick, entertaining read.  It is a uniquely written story that unfolds through several series of correspondences. 

The day after Sunshine Epstein is laid to rest, her granddaughter finds an old crate full of letters, written by several women, including her grandmother, to someone named Dr. Du Bimo.  The book opens with information about the letters from Sunshine’s granddaughter and each chapter is constructed from the correspondence between one of women (or leading ladies, as I liked to think of them) and Dr. Du Bimo.   The author tells her story through these letters and we become a part of the lives of these women as they relate their sometimes quirky and hilarious, sometimes heart-warming experiences.  The stories range from being hilarious to sad, tangible to far-fetched, and all spectrum’s in between.  Dr. Du Bimo’s letters to the ladies offer advice, encouragement and support, while sharing stories of his own life with them.  

I love the characters in the book.  They are very well developed and so creative! One lady tells of her adventures volunteering in a retirement home, another tells the story of how she came to be Ms. Seniority of America.  One of the women is a culinary chef and another lady has multiple husbands!  Dr. Du Bimo is inspiring and almost seems to be “best friends” with each of the women he pens.   

The ending was a total surprise to me!  I absolutely loved how the author tied it all together.  I can’t say anything else without giving it away but the ending made me want to go back and read the whole book all over again, in search of any little gems I might have missed along the way. 

For a light-hearted, feel-good and fun read, you simply must read “Letters to Dr. Du Bimo” by Sheila Clapkin!!

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