Ben Compani, CPA
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478717492
Reviewed by Taylor Whalen for Reader Views (12/13)


“Neurolegislation” by Ben Compani, CPA is a short 73 page book that is sure to leave an impression. If he can write such a powerful book in such a small amount, I wonder how quickly and efficiently he can go through taxes.

While the book is short it almost makes his point stronger: the American tax code is 73,000 pages long and consists of 3 million words – far too complex for the American people. Not only is it too complex, it is also leading to many issues and a huge burden on the American economy.

When describing ‘neuro-tax-law’ or ‘neurolegislation’, Compani makes an interesting connection between tax laws and the subsequent medical and neurological issues that can arise. He then goes on to describe, in an argumentative and clear manner, the ways in which our tax system fails and how it should be redesigned to better suit the American people and government. He does not use complicated terms or complicated logic when proving his points, and he is sure to structure the book in such a way that is easy to follow.

While this book was easy to understand, I feel that the redesign of such a large system is not as easy as he points it out to be. However, he makes very valid, clear and concise points about where our system fails and gives examples of how to fix it. Now that I have read “Neurolegislation” by Ben Compani, CPA, I am more enraged than ever to be entering the work force and having to pay taxes in such an unnecessarily complicated system. I would recommend this book to anyone who is in college or older, as it appeals to any audience that is business oriented or politically or economically minded and who will understand on a fundamental level what Compani is talking about in his book.

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