The Power of Letting Go

Nicholas Corin, L.Ac.
Avisha Publishing (2013)
ISBN: 9781628473926
Reviewed By Susan Violante for Reader Views (02/14)

When I picked up “The Power of Letting Go” by Nicholas Corin I thought the book would serve me as a guide in my own journey of letting go, which I embarked on four years ago. I never imagined the depth in which this book would touch my life. 

Corin begins by explaining why we suffer, and how we neglect our dreams and basically our true self as we grow up through the socialization process.  On the first part of the book Corin takes the reader through living with uncertainty and how the pursuit of safety messes up our childhood freedom as we are introduced to fear. It is in this part that I was blown away with Corin’s point of view as he explains that it is fear, darkness, emptiness, etc. that we should be pursuing. In other words, he proposes to embrace uncertainty and everything that is the opposite of safe. The book continues to explain our origins then it moves forward with fear, love, and finally, healing. 

The concept is simple. We are all part of the universe along with all the animals, plants, Earth, stars, etc. We are all part of the same Oneness, and our main connecting component is love. If we love ourselves, and heal ourselves, as part of the Oneness we will love and heal everything around us.  But, in order to do this we have to let go of the individualism, and disconnecting ways we have created.  Letting go will empower us to embrace who we are in light and in darkness, and by embracing and knowing our positive and our negative we will re-discover ancient wisdom and reactivate the power we were born with that got lost along the way. 

Corin does a great job showing this concept by grabbing the reader’s hand and walking them through our religions, history, and current realities as he applies the Oneness concept, revealing all the different connections to the reader. He complements this realization with different meditation and prayer guides which I found very helpful to visualize all I was reading and to put in practice for my own healing.

I found “The Power of Letting Go” by Nicholas Corin enlightening and empowering. This is not your regular self-help book - it is a book that will shake the reader’s core as the dots come together. In my opinion it is a five stars book that should be read by people of all backgrounds and beliefs so that we all can start connecting all the dots again.

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