Spring Moon

Mary Ellen Courtney
Porter Chance Books (2014)
ISBN 9780988953604
Reviewed by Taylor Whalen for Reader Views (03/15)

“Spring Moon” by Mary Ellen Courtney begins with the birth of Jon and Hannah’s boy. From the start this literary fiction novel allows us to live life through a book – I don’t mean we can read and see life happen throughout these pages. I mean that we can actually feel this book breathing, living, changing, and evolving. John and Hannah are you and me, their choices, their thought process, their decisions; they are the human race in a book - in a life span.

As with all things in life, marriage included, we have to find the humor in the hardships. Though I haven’t read this book’s prequel, “Wild Nights,” I still feel very connected with Jon and Hannah, and leave this book wondering how secure I really am in all of my decisions, and wondering what curveball life will throw my way next. If every choice in life was made based on all the consequences that come from that event, then no one would ever choose anything. However, that’s the beauty of life and of this book. We can only move forward by accepting the things from the past and becoming mindful of our situations. Hannah and Jon struggle with this, as do all human beings.

Mary Ellen Courtney’s book “Spring Moon” shows us all the beauty in the heartache, and how difficult it is to move forward when you are trapped in the past. It is a book for anyone who is going through life wondering about their choices, and facing on day at a time; a read to which many will relate. A realistic and insightful way of looking at life.

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