Delta G

David J. Crawford
Gypsy Publications (2012)
ISBN 9781938768033
Reviewed by Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/14)

"Delta G” by David J. Crawford begins when rookie Second Lieutenant David Sheridan, on leave before presenting himself for his first assignment as a missile engineer with the 38th Strategic Missile Wing near Little Rock, AK, is woken up by his father and prompted to go downstairs to watch a CBS newscast.  A huge explosion had happened just north of Little Rock, AK which killed an Air Force Specialist and injured 21 members of the personnel.  The incident was classified as a Broken Arrow, which meant that Sheridan’s leave was over. Once in Arkansas he solves a pump problem with flying colors and gets noticed by the boss. By the coming week he is attending a meeting about the special situation going on with the satellites, and after the briefing he is given new silver bars. Now Captain Sheridan’s job is to figure out why the satellites have been going off orbit, and are low on fuel to propel them into orbit. He did not yet know the depth of the mystery.

Crawford is master on fictionalizing facts and creating fiction that seems factual.  As the reader I found this fascinating, as a writer I was envious! All the science mumbo jumbo was credible and felt natural when reading. On top of that the military situations seemed so real that I did not question procedure or the rapport between the characters. I was hooked from the beginning and found it very hard to put down as word by word, became page by page effortlessly, which I find amazing due to the quantity of technical and scientific jargon being used in the story.  I also loved the fact that Crawford not only added illustrations, but also black and white pictures which gave a real report-like feel to the book. My only complaint was the small font and page color, as it tired my eyes more quickly, forcing me to take breaks when all I wanted to do is keep reading.

“Delta G” by David J. Crawford is an impeccably written sci-fi classic type of story that takes the reader through fact and fiction on an amazing thrilling ride, looking for answers to impossible questions about the outer space. Did I say I loved it? A five stars sci-fi!

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