A Perfect Double

Sean Cronin
Outskirts Press, Inc. (2014)
ISBN 9781478703662 
Reviewed by Sheri Bebee for Reader Views (05/14)

“A Perfect Double” by Sean Cronin is a nail biting - keeps you on the edge of your seat kind of mystery thriller.   Protagonist/heroine, Breken Annersen works for an international gossip magazine assigned with getting the “scoop” on all the stars and starlets of Hollywood, and the rich and famous.  Hutch Branigan, gorgeous freelancer photographer, is working with Brek at a film festival in Paris when a terrorist bomb rips the place apart.  The two become reluctantly involved at first but as the plot thickens with murder, mafia, prostitution and corruption, Brek and Hutch find themselves personally involved in the mystery and determined to solve the case, no matter the cost.   

This book was definitely a page turner calling for fast and furious reading at its best.    The plot was action packed and at times I found it incredible our two heroes survived some of the circumstances in which they found themselves.  The characters were very well developed.  I liked that Breken wasn’t perfect with her “body dysmorphic” disorder, but found it to be annoying at times when she would say that she was “starving” then had a few pieces of lettuce to hold her over, in-between dodging bullets from the bad guys.    The attraction between Brek and Hutch was unexpected – the author definitely took their relationship down a road I did not predict.  I was disheartened when a few of the characters I had gotten to like were killed off, but such is the way of a mystery/thriller.  Cronin definitely knows how to write a deep complex thriller as the twists and turns were never ending.  I was shocked at the end of the book, where I finally was able to link the title of the book to the story line. 

The author is obviously well educated and has impeccable grammar.  However, I found myself wondering who he considered to be his audience, often times asking myself, “who talks like that?”   There were a few editing issues, not enough to be a nuisance, but a mistyped word here and there can certainly change the context.  

Overall, I thought “A Perfect Double” by Sean Cronin was a great read and very appealing to fans of a significantly complex mystery/thriller.

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