Life in a Whirlwind of Numbers: 26 Years of OCD

David W. Dahlberg
CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN: 9781480279865
Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader Views (9/14) 

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Life in a Whirlwind of Numbers’ by David W. Dahlberg on Blogcritics.

One of my favorite things about reading a great book is when it pulls you in right away. “Life in a Whirlwind of Numbers” by David Dahlberg portrays a clear picture of Dahlberg’s journey before and after his OCD diagnosis. I could relate to some of David’s obsessive behaviors and irrational fears, yet I am grateful that I have not had to walk in his shoes.

First I would like to say that this book is so well written and held my interest. I felt like I knew David and his family by the end of the story. The stories were really interesting, especially the boy scout outings when he was growing up. Having such passion for sports and the outdoors was the perfect escape for David from a disorder not yet discovered. It was sad on one hand the loneliness and the feeling of separation that was brought about in his life as a young adult, but leaves more hope than sadness.

David’s experiences with his disorder held his teaching career back for quite some time. I really admire his determination to go back to school until he achieved his credentials to teach children. Being a highly intelligent person that lacked social skills and experience, he was lucky to be given advice by mentors that believed in David when he really needed it. Skills that were learned as a substitute teacher paid off, along with proper medication and good family support. David later would use his own knowledge and experience to treat his own child, who inherited the OCD disorder. 

It requires tenacity to push past what this author describes he had to overcome in his social, mental, and learning life in order to achieve his goals with some peace and joy rather than quietly suffering alone. 

I gave “Life in a Whirlwind of Numbers” by David W. Dahlberg a 5 star rating because the stories read well enough to be a great fictional novel. What a wonderful book for anyone that has suffered with OCD personally, or with someone close in their life. It was a real inspiration to read, especially because it is a true success story! Thanks for your vulnerability and contribution David Dahlberg!

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