The Courage of Your Creativity: Using ideas to accelerate your career (eBook)

Heather Higgins Daly
Amazon Digital Services (2013)

Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader View (5/13)

Article first published as eBook Review: The Courage of Your Creativity by Heather Higgins Daly on Blogcritics.

I recommend using this book like a bible. Keep it in your pocket, refer to it, remember it, and sleep with it and most of all USE it! What great information to have at the fingertips. Organization of the “good ideas” has not exactly been my strong suit, but it obviously is for Heather Higgins Daly. This book demonstrates her knowledge and achievements from her ability to hone her creativity and put it to work in her career. What a gift she has and it shows in her book, “The Courage of Your Creativity: Using ideas to accelerate your career.”

I am an “ideas” person. I get flooded with ideas for business and, of course, I think they are great at the time, yet I have never organized them and then tested their validity the way Daly has laid out in this book. Although I have managed to have some success by using my own creative skills, I could not tell you exactly how to do what I did.            

This step-by-step process helps you get over the “naysayers,” and the negative talk people have to share about your ideas. Daly suggests using courage and taking control over your ideas, yet being smart when it is time to turn it over to “qualified” teams to get proper implementation.

One really great point Daly makes is how the human race will challenge “change” automatically due to a hardwiring of the brain. We as humans want change but familiarity sometimes overthrows our new thoughts and we dig our feet right into “the same ole same ole.” Our inability to gracefully transition through change is not usually graceful unless a supportive team of knowledgeable members are rallied up. Daly tells how to get the right people on your team and then how to get them to help your cause.

More importantly “The Courage of Your Creativity: Using ideas to accelerate your career” by Heather Higgins Daly teaches how to tap into your creativity. Daly says “The end of a successful project is never just one idea. They are systems of ideas, each one driving towards the success of the whole.” It is a gift to have such creativity and should be explored in spite of   fear. Be courageous and express your ideas with passion that is obvious. I really believe Daly has the right ideas and she really knows how to execute them! Let this book be the example! 

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