Stunner: A Ronnie Lake Mystery

Niki Danforth
Pancora Press (2013)
ISBN: 9780615882314
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (01/14)

“Stunner: A Ronnie Lake Mystery” by Niki Danforth begins when Frank, a widower with one daughter who lives at home, and one grown son, brings home his new fiancée Juliana to live with him and his daughter, Laura. Frank also introduces Juliana to his sister, Ronnie Lake. Juliana was secretive, and around the same time that she moved in, the household began receiving many mysterious phone calls. So Ronnie became intrigued and started to investigate Juliana’s past. But when she would follow her track, she would hit a dead end as Juliana would disappear, only to reappear with a different name and a different place. The only thing that remained constant in Ronnie’s interviews was that everyone liked Juliana in all her different lives and identities, describing her as very polite, always wanting to improve herself. Ronnie kept investigating Juliana’s past because of all the mystery around her, but there was something else bothering her. She felt that she had seen Juliana before…

Danforth did a great job developing the main character, showing how Ronnie went from a very inexperienced investigator to a seasoned one making her very likeable to the reader as she messed up over and over but kept trying and improving herself. Danforth’s writing style is impeccable and fun, making this adventure easy to read. The reader will remain intrigued throughout the story, glued to the pages from beginning to end, but at the same time will laugh out loud with Ronnie’s investigative inexperience. It is definitely a well-crafted plot, with descriptions and characters that engage and transport the reader into the story.

I think “Stunner: A Ronnie Lake Mystery” by Niki Danforth is a great book that will entertain, intrigue and take the reader on an awesome adventure as this accidental detective is determined to get to the bottom of all the mystery around her future sister-in-law. A five star book - worth reading for sure!


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