The Seventh Floor

Debra A. Deardorff
AuthorHouse (2014)
ISBN 9781496930460
Reviewed By Susan Violante for Reader Views (12/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘The Seventh Floor,’ A Christian Memoir by Debra A. Deardorff on Blogcritics.

When I first picked up “The Seventh Floor” by Debra A. Deardorff I was very excited to read about her journey as I have had survived some dark times through my own faith and beliefs. The book begins by recounting Deardorff’s struggles to have a child and how she coped and fought to keep her hopes and dream to become a mother strong in hers, and in her husband’s hearts. I truly admire her strength as well as her husband’s as he kept by her side supporting her decision and conviction to continue to wait for her dream to come true, in spite of other people advices to move on. My mother lost four babies before being able to take her pregnancy to full term. Without her determination me, and my two siblings would have never been born. So I can truly relate to Deardorff’s experience as she brought to life in my own mind how my mother must have felt when she was struggling to keep her dream of being a mother alive.

Deardorff presents the reader with a short window to her mind and soul during the most difficult times of her life as she fights for a dream that seems impossible in reality to almost everyone around her. Although I do not agree with all of her beliefs, and didn’t think the book needed all the scripture quotes to make her point, I was captivated by her journey and resolve, and turned pages from beginning to end in one sitting. She did a great job writing this short and to the point narration as I didn’t find major problems in the copyediting. However, I wish the author would have chosen a more entertaining format as the writing style for her story to make it more interesting to different types of audiences. I think her story has a strong message that through faith and love a couple can overcome whatever is in store for them, no matter how helpless things seem to be. In my opinion, this message deserved to be developed in such a way that it would have gotten a bigger audience.

“The Seventh Floor” by Debra A. Deardorff is a heartfelt story of a Christian woman who held on to her faith through an impossible dream and saw it realized. I think a Christian audience who enjoy scripture quotes and narration will enjoy this book, although I believe its message should be shared with all people who dream.

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