Our Journey with Prostate Cancer

Judith Anne Desjardins
Spirit House Publishing (2014)
ISBN 9780990499404
Reviewed by Christine Watson for Reader Views (6/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Our Journey with Prostate Cancer’ by Judith Anne Desjardins on Blogcritics.

“Our Journey with Prostate Cancer” by Judith Anne Desjardins is an authentic true story of an incredibly difficult and personal journey. Ms. Desjardins shares her thoughts, feelings and words with us through her journal writings and storytelling, capturing the attention of the reader from page one. 

The author shares the personal story of her husband’s journey with prostate cancer as well the effects it has on her as his spouse. She provides a wealth of suggestions and tips for others on the same journey, including pre-operation ideas, lists of depression symptoms, self-care suggestions, and even how to be a warrior. Her own emotions and thoughts are shared in the raw, allowing the reader to connect with their story. I found my own emotions following the roller coaster that they were on as I read the book. 

This book covers quite a bit of detail about therapies used in prostate cancer, and I learned an incredible amount about cancer in general and specifically prostate cancer. Ms. Desjardins talks openly about possible side effects of different treatments and the struggles her husband had with wanting to regain control of his own life. It becomes clear how difficult the decision making can be when taking all the side effects into consideration. 

Another aspect of this book is the spiritual journey shared between the author and God. She openly prays as she fights for the health of her husband and herself. Ms. Desjardins is very open as she struggles with hope when dark times are upon them. She also finds comfort in activities beyond the cancer, which help restore joy and peace. 

“Our Journey with Prostate Cancer” by Judith Anne Desjardins provides a thorough description of the entire journey of prostate cancer, and can be easily applied to any type of cancer. Not only was this book incredibly informative by providing detailed descriptions of many processes, treatments, stages of emotions, and other important information, it is also a comfort to know that others are going through the same struggles. I will keep this book for future reference because cancer is a very real possibility for every family. Thank you for writing this book and sharing your journey of this experience. I am changed from reading this book and I know everyone who reads this book will find comfort and healing. I recommend this book to anyone wanting to be informed of the journey of cancer.