Toletha J. Dixon
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN 9781478709301
Reviewed by Carol Hoyer, PhD for Reader Views (01/14)


Even though Toletha J. Dixon is a first time author, I have to be honest – I found “Fiend” to be a very confusing read. It was quite hard to figure out the story line and the characters.

The characters are not well developed and the story jumps from character to character without any rhyme or reason. I think the story is about abuse and neglect, but it is difficult to tell. There is a lot of focus on the family and how little support they gave their son, Jacob. The way it was written drives one to hate the parents. The stepfather does seem to take a real interest in Jacob however Jacob has very little interest in his stepfather in return.

There was a lot of gore, and depressing events which I couldn’t figure out. It is very hard to write a review on something you don’t understand.

I do think that with more development “Fiend” by Toletha J. Dixon could be quite good, but it is not there yet. It was suspenseful, but you aren’t really sure what the suspense is all about.



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