Before the Poisoned Apple

LS Dubbleyew
Outskirts Press (2012)
ISBN 9781432786502

Reviewed by Tracey Rock for Reader Views (7/13)

“Before The Poisoned Apple” by LS Dubbleyew is the first in the series, “Brave Tales of Seven Little Men.”  It has been told, that deep in a secluded cave, the secrets to all of mankind were written down on scrolls.  To the one who knew those secrets, they could wield great power over all the land.  The location of the secluded cave was entrusted to one king and queen of each higher being. 

The human king, however, grew jealous of the other beings’ abilities and wanted to have more power.  He tried to steal the scrolls, but when caught, he accused the theft on the ogres.  It was not long before battle lines were drawn and all species fought to survive.  Over the years, the fighting grew and since none of species could be trusted, the scrolls were hidden again. 

Legends and prophecies were told of where the scrolls were hidden and who was entrusted with them; yet no words were spoken more frequently about the scrolls than of the power of the seven.  “If the seven fail in defending all, the hearts, the pillars, the love, will fall.”  There were those who saw this prophecy as a way to save the world and waited as servants for when the time came.  They would be there to help.  However, there were others who wanted nothing more than to destroy the seven.  

In the far corners of The Reach, in a tiny cottage, on the seventh day of the seventh month during a crescent moon, seven baby boys were born.  Although Rose and Thoran tried to keep their children safe and secluded, they knew that evil would one day find their children.  Follow one family’s journey as they battle ogres, witches, kings, trolls and spider-demons to keep their seven alive.  

“Before The Poisoned Apple” by LS Dubbleyew is the first in the series, “Brave Tales of Seven Little Men,” which follows the lives of the seven, destined to carry out a foretold prophecy.  The story is well written and full of action and adventure.  The characters were either likeable or not, which is a compliment to LS Dubbleyew who developed the antagonists’ characters equally as strong as the primary characters.  Reading “Before The Poisoned Apple” was a delight. 

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