Maximizing Your Injury Claim: Simple Steps to Protect Your Family After An Accident

Matthew D. Dubin
Aviva Publishing New York (2015)
ISBN 9781943164127
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (07/15)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Maximizing Your Injury Claim: Simple Steps to Protect Your Family After An Accident’ by Matthew D. Dubin on Blogcritics.

In his book titled “Maximizing Your Injury Claim: Simple Steps to Protect Your Family After An Accident,” Matthew D. Dubin provides the reader with guidance to help protect their family through a personal injury claim.

Ideally the book should be read before an accident to be sure that you are adequately prepared in the event of an accident. Steps can be taken to be sure you have adequate PIP (Personal Injury Protection.) Although the book has a natural order and progression, after an initial cursory reading the book may be read straight through, or special topics of immediate interest can be read as stand-alone chapters.

The twenty-two short chapters of the book contain step-by-step instructions or actions on the importance of knowing what to do and what not to do at the scene of an accident, getting the treatment you need, filing your claim and getting your medical bills paid, when you need an attorney, dealing with complications, negotiation, valuing pain and suffering, when it may be necessary to go to court, and alternatives to going to trial.

Important appendices include FAQs dealing with six variations of accidents: bicycle, car, commercial truck, motorcycle, pedestrian, and disc herniation. A valuable glossary of useful terms and instructions on what do if you are in a motor vehicle accident are also included.

Dubin writes in layman’s language, avoiding legalese, in a user friendly format. I especially appreciated the questions to consider, the exercises for clarification, the chapter conclusions, and the one sentence preview of questions to be answered in the following chapter. The chapter “Finding the Right Lawyer for You” included an important listing and description of “The Client’s Bill of Rights.”

The book is highly endorsed by Dubin’s peers in the legal field, personal injury clients, professionals in the medical field, and a number of award winning authors. Dubin is named among the top100 trial lawyers by the National Trial Lawyers and by the American Society of Legal Advocates.

“Maximizing Your Injury Claim: Simple Steps to Protect Your Family After An Accident” by Matthew D. Dubin is an important resource and should be read by heads of households and kept available in every family’s reference library for ready review and application.


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