A Nantucket Experience: A Year in the Life of a Wash Ashore

Shellie Dunlap
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN: 9781478707233
Reviewed By Susan Violante for Reader Views (1/14)

 “A Nantucket Experience” by Shellie Dunlap is a collection of pictures and experiences put together to create a vivid and colorful tour through time on the island of Nantucket. The experience begins in January as the reader flies along with the author over the island. The warmth and excitement of someone who is coming back home is evident in the author’s words, while a refreshing peacefulness takes over to welcome the reader to a loving home. This is how the book embraces the reader as Dunlap shares a piece of her heart on each page. 

The book continues the tour depicting the activities on the island during each season month by month. Dunlap presents the reader with the islands every day activities, festivals, and other celebrations which identify each month in the simple islander lives and yet she doesn’t stop there. Dunlop also opens herself and her heart as she shares special family moments spent in the island. Within each section the reader will get to experience Nantucket through the eyes of the author as she features her favorite activities which always outlines the enjoyment of genuine simplicity in good company or alone. This combination of intimate sharing while touring is what makes this work the perfect conversation piece to keep on the coffee table and be read while enjoying a warm cup of tea. The only thing I missed was just a little bit of historical and factual information of the island itself, but the lack of it is may be why this book felt so personal and close to the author’s heart.

“A Nantucket Experience” by Shellie Dunlap is the perfect way to couch travel. Its tone sets a peaceful mood as it takes the reader on a vacation in Nantucket.  It is well written, and can be enjoyed in different sittings to make the vacation last. I highly recommend “A Nantucket Experience” as a book to be kept on the coffee table to be shared with family, and friends or to be enjoyed on a quiet and relaxing afternoon. It is truly a piece of Nantucket from the author’s heart and a pleasure to read for anyone!

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