The Chairman

Kevin J. Dunne
AuthorHouse (2014)
ISBN 9781496932891
Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader Views (09/14)

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“The Chairman” by Kevin J. Dunne is a fascinating story about the business of law. I gave this book a 5 star rating, because I enjoyed my favorite experience when reading this book- the feeling like "I could not put it down." The characters are well-developed and the law jargon is explained well enough to follow along, which indeed makes the book more interesting. 

Boxer Tate is a hungry for success attorney that has only four years of experience as a lawyer. He finds himself working along-side his mentors in representing the big business of insurance and defending against major class action law suits. To Tate’s dismay he begins to realize that Tommy, the senior partner of the firm, is less than aggressive in the courtroom and decides to try a risky and clever strategy which caused him to make enemies, and not just with Tommy.

Tate continues to have opportunities that really increase his financial self-worth by going after some corrupt judges in two other states when the claims pop up in more lucrative venues for the plaintiffs. Tate found himself thrown in jail more than once, but he still insisted on remaining a man of integrity and would not stop until justice prevailed. This was all in spite of his growing unpopularity among his would be peers, like Tommy.

Tate begins to get the attention of not only the insurance companies from his risky tactics and his tenacity, but also in the business arena. Tate begins to get job offers from many companies, including those from whom he previously sought employment.  Many people, like Tommy, don’t want to be his competition.  Instead of jumping in too fast Tate seeks the advice of a popular head hunter, Audi. He trusts her enough to advise him and navigate all the exciting offers coming in for consideration.

Meanwhile there is one more female enthralled with Tate’s business savvy and that is Fortune who happens to be the vice president of claims with Atlas Insurance Company, a company he has been representing.  The plot thickens as Fortune and her father Jackie, the CEO of Atlas, form a strong working and social relationship with Tate.

“The Chairman” by Kevin J. Dunne will definitely hold your attention.  I wonder if it will be a series?

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