Genetic Memory

Tim Dunn
CreateSpace (2014)
ISBN 9781497361225 
Reviewed by Richard R. Blake for Reader Views (9/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Genetic Memory’ by Tim Dunn on Blogcritics.

“Genetic Memory” by Tim Dunn is Adam Dory’s story. Science and technology help Adam travel back in time to unravel his heritage and unlock the mystery of his genealogy.

Twenty-year old Adam becomes a ward of the county while still a baby and grew up in a series of foster homes. Recurring dreams and a pattern of sleep walking over the years have become more frequent, intense, and disturbing recently. Adam began a search of his origins at the county hall of records. He discovered the name of his father through records going back to the Milton Medical Institute, where his father died while “traveling a historical journey through genetic memories.” He also learned that his father was insane at the time of his death.

In an effort to find answers and erase the unpleasant memories and troubling dreams, Adam signed up to participate in an experimental sleep study at the Milton Medical Institute. The program was promoting a trial vitamin that would enable him to relive memories of his heritage and genetic history.

Sinister incidents begin to manifest themselves in the program; Adam grows suspicious, of the facilitators, holds back information and struggles to find answers on his own.  He continues with the monitoring of his dreams through a serial regression of genetic memories. His dreams intensify in detail with unusual active involvement in historical events dating as far back as Old Testament days and the history of the beginning of mankind.  Adam records his dreams, feelings, misgivings, mistrust and his doubts regarding the people around him in a journal as he tries to uncover the meaning of his fragmented earliest memories.

Tim Dunn introduces the concept that memory is a collection of memories and that a compilation process occurs across our brain. He goes on to explore the idea that layers of memories are passed through our genetic code.  Dramatic dialog, explosive and domineering relationships, parental concern, intensified dreams, mounting deception, revelation of a deeper conspiracy, and unexpected plot twists all combine to keep the reader spellbound.  The dramatic fasting moving conclusion, government agents, hovering helicopters and a bunker hideaway all add to the suspense, sense of conspiracy and adventure.

Tim Dunn skillfully includes elements of science fiction, fantasy, intrigue, religion, and philosophy, in his writing. “Genetic Code” is a masterpiece destined to add to the acclaim Dunn has already received and to build his already growing readership.