Turbulent Waters

Peter Duysings
Peter Duysings Publishing (2013)
ISBN: 9780988756519
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (01/14)


“Turbulent Waters” by Peter Duysings is an action packed fiction based on the real issues that cargo ships face currently in Al-Qaeda pirates infested waters on the Arabian Sea. The story begins after different simultaneous terrorists’ attacks in Bombay, Barcelona, and Chicago; the US Government is determined to find a way to fight back by eliminating Al-Qaeda’s financial support network. Around the same time in the Arabian Sea, a British ship is attacked by pirates with intent to kidnap the ship and crew to request ransom which would serve as terror funding money. This attack failed thanks to ex-military crew members within the British ship who used their military training to defend the ship. This failed pirate attack served as inspiration to the US Government who developed a plan that would cripple this terrorist funding network. This is how Jack Cooper, a US Seal, finds himself in charge of this experimental defense operation in the Arabian Sea aboard a Norwegian cargo ship.

Duysings’ story is action driven, credible and relevant to current issues which makes this a great concept. The characters were well developed and in general this is a well written book. Having said that, I did find unnecessary repetition when it came to the background description of the seal team which to me was a little annoying as it took me out of the plot and what was happening in the moment to present over and over again the credentials of each seal member of the team. Other than that, I did enjoy reading “Turbulent Waters,” Duysings did a great job creating a fiction story out of current issues. His military background is evident in the story as all the action was easy to picture in my mind, almost like watching a movie.

I recommend “Turbulent Waters” by Peter Duysings to readers who enjoy military action. This was definitely a unique concept, and a great adventure. I look forward to Duysings’ next novel for sure!


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