White Chocolate Garden

Kara Egger
Xulon Press (2014) 
ISBN 9781498402224
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (10/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘White Chocolate Garden’ by Kara Egger on Blogcritics.

“White Chocolate Garden” by Kara Egger is book two in the “White Chocolate Series” and picks up where book one leaves off, with the chance meeting of Analise and the fabulous Dr. Roberto Bianco at a friend’s party. With terrorism underway, Analise and her two best friends Indie and Dawn, head west to California to seek safety and shelter with an old friend. The ride truly begins in book two and the story takes off with suspense and the everlasting wonder if these two are ever going to find their way together. 

The magic is apparent between the doctor and Analise, everyone can see it. Analise knows for sure that the handsome doctor is avoiding her, probably because she is divorced and that may be unattractive to him. The doctor has his own reasons for staying away. 

As friends unite in California, Indie is struggling with her estranged husband, wondering whether he is coming back one day or if she should just let go. Analise and Dawn have already begun their spiritual journey and lovingly encourages Indie to join them. The friends are inseparable and tension runs high between the long lost loves of Analise and Roberto. As each character struggles with their own issues, they address each other’s concerns and pray often for guidance, reassuring each other that what is supposed to happen will happen. Indie, being a bit more skeptical than the others at first, moves right along in her spiritual journey and the women stay together keep each other strong. 

“White Chocolate Garden” really takes off with the story and the suspense rises and falls all while everyone can see the longing between Analise and Roberto. I could not help but wonder if they would figure out that they are meant to be together by the end of this book.

“White Chocolate Garden” by Kara Egger is even better than “White Chocolate Rain.” I am more than grateful that I have had the opportunity to read this series. With one more book to go, I cannot wait to see how it all works out. Hopeless romantics will surely love to indulge in this white chocolate experience as it is truly unique. The spiritual overtones are gentle and still remain consistently about love. Not so much romantic love but the love that Christians share with others. These characters are those that I wish this world had more of in real life.  Four stars.

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