White Chocolate Rain

Kara Egger
Xulon Press (2014)
ISBN 9781498401883
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (9/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘White Chocolate Rain’ by Kara Egger on Blogcritics.

“White Chocolate Rain” by Kara Eggers is the first book of three in the “White Chocolate Series.” This Christian novel is about the spiritual journey of Analise and a couple of her friends. The book starts out in Italy where Analise, Odetta and Robin are in Rome working to complete their PhD program. 

After meeting the handsome and mysterious Dr. Roberto Bianco, and experiencing a connection she never could fully grasp, Analise had to jump on a plane and return to the United States. 

After leaving Italy, Analise always wondered what could have been had she stayed. She lost contact with her friends and ended up getting married. Not knowing where to turn, Analise sought out guidance of her friend whom she had always considered a “Jesus Freak” and she came to understand that there is more to this world than us. Embracing her friend’s words, Analise begins her own spiritual journey and decides it was time to end her marriage, and finish what she started, and get her PhD. 

Egger writes poetically and with such elegance. Analise is a simple yet complex character with whom many can identify - one that is searching for answers and unsure of where to find them. The spiritual journey that Analise embarks on is powerful and almost too easily achieved. From a non-believer to a follower and then later leading other friends to join her, Analise is a gentle soul and always allowed others to think and decide for themselves, always offering the reminder that we all have the choice of free will. 

For me, there were more psychological aspects of book one rather than romance and suspense. The back story of Analise was on point and when I finished book one I was ready to move right on to book two. I definitely felt the need to skim very quickly through the Bible study scenes as I felt it sometimes was a bit preachy. I think a summary would have been better suited for my personal taste rather than exact conversations that lasted several pages. Overly long conversations in these study sessions did not keep my attention. There are plenty of other scenes where the witnessing was happening and it was played out nicely. I would also recommend another round of proofreading as there were several errors throughout such as the ‘n’ missing in the word ‘and’ as well as ‘ad’ in place of what would probably have been ‘as’. It was very minor but noticeable. 

Overall, “White Chocolate Rain” by Kara Egger was a pleasure to read. I was able to fully connect to the lives of the characters and like I said before, I really couldn’t put it down. I can say that when I think about reading a Christian novel, I look for the freedom to take away what I want and leave the rest. The power of free will is amazing and I believe that Egger really did leave it to her characters to choose for themselves rather than feel as though they were being judged. That is the attitude that I feel more Christians should take. Sharing the knowledge of love is the most impressive example.  Analise’s character was exactly that – impressive!  Four stars!

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