White Chocolate Tree

Kara Egger
Mill City Press (2014)
ISBN: 9781626529601
Reviewed by Jennifer Hass for Reader Views (11/14)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘White Chocolate Tree,’ A Christian Romance Novel by Kara Egger on Blogcritics.

After reading the first two books in the “White Chocolate” series by Kara Egger, I have to say that “White Chocolate Tree” is by far the best! The third book in this series picks up where “White Chocolate Garden” leaves off and is filled with ups and downs that every hopeless romantic loves. The main character Analise (great name by the way) and her friends are all set to head to the Middle East in hopes for a new start after devastation in the United States. The team of medical professionals set the plan to leave when disaster strikes again. 

Analise disappears and her friends wonder if they will ever see her again. While Analise experiences her own dangers, she runs across several people who will forever change her life. The handsome doctor Roberto will stop at nothing to find his love and bring her home. Time goes by and no one even knows if Analise is even alive. They filter through their grieving and try to move on without her. Fate however, has different plans. 

Egger moves in with a compelling story of friends loving people and lending helping hands. It’s the perfect example of God’s love and setting the example for Christians. This Christian romance novel is nothing short of sweet sorrow and joy. With a beautiful woman and a dreamy man, I could not help but to hope that the story closed with a happy ending. 

All of the characters have their place in between these pages. There are unbelievers learning to believe in their own time and the believers leading their friends with love and respect. I did mention that in the previous books, there were times that conversation got a little preachy for me. This was still a bit true for me in “White Chocolate Tree” but it comes down to personal taste. It did not prevent me from enjoying the story and receiving the message. I had no issues moving right along. 

The “White Chocolate” series is really wonderful. I would recommend this romantic story to readers who want to fall in love and truly feel what love is supposed to feel like. It’s not every day that we can experience this love so it is so nice to get lost in the story of Analise and Roberto. “White Chocolate Tree” by Kara Egger is dreamy and keeps my hope alive for such a love to come my way.  If it doesn’t well…I will always have Roberto. Five stars!

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