Corn Rose: A Novel

Karen Ross Epp
AuthorHouse (2013)
ISBN 9781481736923

Reviewed by Janet Reeves for Reader Views (8/13)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Corn Rose: A Novel’ by Karen Ross Epp on Blogcritics. 

What a beautiful love story. “Corn Rose” by Karen Ross Epp is well written, and it kept me from wanting to put it down! Darn responsibilities! When a city girl gives up the life she knows for true love and Iowa in the mid 1940s, only good could come from that decision, so I take off my hat to Rose!! I fell in love with her and Jack right away. I kept waiting for Jack to do something that would show Rose that he was much like his brother Carl, but he didn’t! Thank goodness Rose said yes to love in spite of the loss of her family and the luxuries she was used to in California. One could call what Rose did a huge sacrifice, but compared to what she gave up, she gained more in her life with Jack, even in Iowa.

The Conner family had much they could learn from Rose about expressing love and kindness. Rose took a lot of grief from the Conner’s while attempting to prove her character. Rose learned how to be a mother and that motivated her to stand up for herself and her family in spite of their bad treatment! Rose started out shy and reserved, but once that baby came along, and she saw what she needed to do, she surprised them all! Go Rose, and for that she lived a very full life, albeit on the farm, it was full and she cherished it. You could tell Rose had a respect for nature and all of its delights; in spite of the hard work it demanded from her, it gave her solace!

If you like to read about real life stories of people with character and strong values, “Corn Rose” by Karen Ross Epp will deliver. I had forgotten which events and characters were real, but it did not matter because the writer gives you a great story and you really want it to end the way a love story should!

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