B. Michael Fett
Lakefront Publishing (2013)
ISBN 9780988955004

Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (07/13)

Article first published as Book Review: ‘Psychiatryst’ by B. Michael Fett on Blogcritics.

I have to say that I enjoyed “Psychiatryst” by B. Michael Fett but it is not for the meek or timid. There is enough killing and dismemberment in this story to make me say that it is not for the general audience.

Donovan O’Reilly was an average airline pilot that was no different from any other. His usual trips were across the country from east to west and back again. One could not tell by looking at him that this nice looking airline pilot harbored a dark secret.  One that was so deep within him he didn’t realize it himself until the day it happened.

The girl was an escort for all he knew; what happened was really an accident. But what he didn’t do was call EMS while she laid there, blood gushing from the gaping gash in her head. He could have made the 911 call while she was still alive, but he did not. Instead of helping the poor dying girl, he watched and relished in the sight. He enjoyed the sadistic rush that he got from seeing her slowly dying before his eyes. What Donovan does not know is that the dead girl’s boyfriend is a homicide detective and he actually meets the man on a flight back home. The detective and Donovan happen to be sitting together on the flight home and neither one knows what relationship the dead girl had to each one of them. The detective was flying home from seeing his girlfriend (the girl Donovan was with), and Donovan was flying home after watching her die just a few hours before.

Donovan has another girl he is seeing, a stewardess named Josie. Josie is a sexy girl that enjoys intimate encounters but does not want anything permanent. She has a few mental issues and consequently has seen a shrink. The psychiatrist happens to be the one that has seen Jodie, the police detective and Donovan. The book takes the reader into this tangled web of intrigue and suspense. So enticing is the book that the reader will find it impossible to put this book down.

Just when the reader thinks that Donovan is the bad guy and he will be caught by the girl’s boyfriend, another killer is introduced. This one happens to be much closer to the pilot and interacts with him in so many ways that the reader is on edge from one page to the next. The reader is treated to a plethora of scenes that would make a good script for a TV movie.

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