The Molina Curse

Charles L. Fields
Outskirts Press (2013)
ISBN 9781478708803
Reviewed by Michel Violante for Reader Views (9/13)

In “The Molina Curse” by Charles L. Fields, the story begins when Charles Stone, a lawyer, receives a package at his office.  Stone opens the package and finds his Special Forces’ friend Bo Jackson’s finger. The box contains a note stating that the next time he will find Jackson’s dead body. The backstory from the previous book - “Tainted Dish” - is that Jackson and Stone murdered Frank Molina, who was a leader of the Sacred Mafia.  The remainder of the story presents how Stone has continued his normal life as the Sacred Mafia goes after him to avenge their leader’s murder.

In “The Molina Curse,” Charles L. Fields basically presents Stone’s day-to-day life as assassination attempts occur all around him and his family and friends.

I think that the idea of a person going about his own life and day-to-day activities, as he eludes the Sacred Mafia’s numerous assassination attempts, was a great idea as a storyline. However, I was disappointed with the delivery as most of the book details the day-to-day activities of Stone making the read monotonous.  I also found some errors in the editing that I feel the need to mention because it totally confused me, pulling me out of the story.  For example: in Chapter 9 when Jayson Wash Burn is later referred to as Jarred Wash Burn.

I believe that with a little more development this book could have been a very entertaining and even fun mystery due to the main character’s brushes with death could have been developed with some humor. I recommend readers to read the previous book, “Tainted Dish,” before reading “The Molina Curse” to get the background story, as there is no mention in this book as to why, or how, Stone murdered Molina.

Overall, “The Molina Curse” by Charles L. Fields is a good story that could have been more entertaining and funny.

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