The Eczema Diet

Karen Fischer
Robert Rose (2013)
ISBN: 9780778804611
Reviewed by Paige Lovitt for Reader Views (12/13)


When I was in college and practicing martial arts, I developed a horribly itchy and ugly skin condition on my hands. I thought I had contracted athlete’s foot on my hands from my martial arts training. Yuck! I didn’t get it checked out right away; I was too busy with finals, so I just tried to ignore it until it finally went away. The following semester, it returned, once again during finals week. Not being able to stand the itching or the way it looked, I finally went to get it checked. I was surprised to learn that I had eczema. During times of stress it would reappear and I would have to use medication. Years later, during a divorce, my physician was fascinated to see that the skin completely peeled off of my wedding ring finger. I was embarrassed to have a raw, red finger. Once again, I was back on topical medication.

I was pleased to discover Karen Fischer’s “The Eczema Diet,” because if I could learn more about this condition, I felt it would help me avoid future occurrences and medications. When I began reading, I was surprised to discover that 20% of the population has it, and that it is very common in children. A section of this book is even dedicated to dealing with children who have it. I was also pleased to discover that this isn’t just a diet book, this is a book that gives a great deal of information about eczema. In addition to a Six-Step Anti-Eczema Program, there is also a three stage Eczema Diet which includes a large number of recipes.  There is a vast amount of information on foods and supplements that help prevent this disorder. I was happy to see that when supplements were mentioned, foods that contained the recommended nutrients were also listed because I would prefer to try food before pills. I also want to try the recommended skin care products and regimes.

I look forward to putting the knowledge that I have gained from this user friendly book to use. I like that it isn’t just about what we shouldn’t be doing, but it is more about what we should be doing. I recommend Karen Fischer’s “The Eczema Diet” to people who have this disorder, and those of you who have children with it. Getting them started on the right track with nutrition will make a huge difference in their lives because not only is this condition uncomfortable, it is also obvious and embarrassing.


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