My Mother’s Ring

Dana Fitzwater Cornell
CreateSpace (2013)
ISBN: 9781490311487
Reviewed by William Phenn for Reader Views (01/14)


I picked up Dana Fitzwater Cornell’s “My Mother’s Ring” and expected the usual Holocaust book. An overkill of an already saturated topic, I did not expect this book to be any different from the other 10-12 that I had already read. Well I must admit, “My Mother’s Ring” made me sit up and take notice. Not only was it not one of the run-of-the-mill Holocaust books that populate the book stores, but it was a very moving and interesting read. The story is told by the author in the first person making this book a very personal account of what transpired. It has its moments of gut wrenching terrible atrocities as well as some very heart-warming enjoyable moments.

The characters are very well defined and the story brings the reader into the death camp, drawing him in and making him feel the pain of such a terrible place. “Henryk Frankowski” is a masterful storyteller. Having suffered through the horrible experience of such places and survived, the reader’s heart aches as he reads Henryk’s account of life in these terribly horrific places. Just when he thinks he might be in a place where he is treated more humanely, he is proven wrong by acts of violence.

Enjoyable, thought provoking, well written, well researched, interesting, and difficult to put down. That’s the best way to describe “My Mother’s Ring” by Dana Fitzwater Cornell. It may have been a bit drawn out from the start, a little slow moving; but then it picked up as the story continued and held the reader’s attention to the finish. Good character development, thorough research and development, decent editing and painstaking writing, made me give “My Mother’s Ring” a well-deserved B on my tight scale. I would highly recommend this book to all general audiences that are interested in the Holocaust. The book is very well written and is a must read for anyone interested in history, drama, or just looking for a great read.


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